Cortina – Dobbiaco

A beautiful bike trail, along the former railway of the old Trenino delle Dolomiti, through the Landro Valley from Cortina to Dobbiaco


54.4 km


4-5 hours


938 m


8° max

From Cortina bus station, take the bike trail heading north.

The first two km are on a paved road with a yellow line dividing the road into two lanes. The left lane is reserved for bikes, the right lane for pedestrians. Please proceed with extra care. Ride past a gate and continue slightly uphill on gravel road for 15 km.

An adventure full of surprises begins!

  • The colorful old railroad switch houses of the Dolomite railway;
  • The long, faintly-lit, tunnel carved out of rock with its typical pear-like shape to allow steam locomotives pass through;
  • The iron bridge over the deep gorge of Rio Felizon;
  • The Church of Ospitale, built in 1300, the oldest church in the Ampezzo valley;
  • Bianco and Negro lakes, natural habitat of the Mallard.

From Passo Cimabanche, ride downhill a few more km as far as the emerald Landro lake, continue a little farther on and, on your right, will appear the breathtaking view of Tre Cime di Lavaredo north face .

After a short stretch, at Sorgenti, you reach the World War 1 military cemetery on your left, and a little further ahead Lake Dobbiaco.

Continue for another 3 km as far as Dobbiaco town center.

The return is along the same itinerary.

Rest Stops: Ristorante Ospitale: Ph. +39 0436 4585 Chalet Cimabanche: Ph. +39 0474 972442 Ristorante Lago di Landro: Ph. +39 0474 973267 Lago di Dobbiaco – “See restaurant”: Ph. +39 0474 972399

Recommended period:

From May to October

Recommended clothing:

Active wear and sport shoes, backpack to carry food and a change of clothes. Rain jacket, spare T-shirt, sunglasses, bike gloves and water bottle.

Minimum recommended age:

10 years

Alternative name:

Itinerary No.1

Route features:

Family friendly





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Livelli di difficoltà

Facile | Capacità Turistiche (TC): Percorso su strade sterrate dal fondo compatto e scorrevole, di tipo carrozzabile.

Medio | Medie Capacità (MC): Percorso su sterrate con fondo poco sconnesso o poco irregolare (tratturi, carrarecce…) o su sentieri con fondo compatto e scorrevole.

Difficile | Buone Capacità (BC): Percorso su sterrate molto sconnesse o su mulattiere e sentieri dal fondo piuttosto sconnesso ma abbastanza scorrevole oppure compatto ma irregolare, con qualche ostacolo naturale (per es. gradini di roccia o radici).

Intenso | Ottime Capacità (OC): Come sopra (BC) ma su sentieri dal fondo molto sconnesso e/o molto irregolare, con presenza significativa di ostacoli.

Estremo | Eccellenti Capacità (EC): Percorso su sentieri molto irregolari, caratterizzati da gradoni e ostacoli in continua successione, che richiedono tecniche di tipo trialistico.

Grading system

Easy | Touristic riding skills (S1): Fairly flat, wide,  smooth track or gravel road.

Medium | Intermediate riding skills (S2): Itineraries on partly unstable terrain along dirt roads  or on trails with smooth road surface.

Difficult | Good riding skills (S3): Itinerary on fairly rough terrain along dirt roads or mule tracks and trails with rarely solid ground featuring some natural obstacles (roots or rock steps)

Intense | Very good riding skills (S4): As above (S3) but on challenging trails with rarely solid ground under the wheels and fairly obstructed by roots or rock steps.

Extreme | Excellent riding skills (S5): Itinerary on rough trails, heavily obstructed by continuous rock steps and natural obstacles, that require triathlon-like techniques.

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