Rental service

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. / 2:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m | In August: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00  p.m.
Rates are available on our website. You may ask for a personalized sample quotation by booking online, without confirming it with the paymnent.
Yes, you may pick it up the evening prior to the start of the booking, after 5:00pm
The equipment is to be returned by the closing time of the last day of booking. If problems arise, please contact the shop to arrange .
Sure, provided the required bike is available and paying the price difference, if any, between the items.
We recommend to book the equipment for the dates you are certain. You may extend the booking by contacting the shop to check availability.
No it is not possible. The rental service only offers full days booking.
We will refund you with a voucher with no expiry date, for the full amount of the  unused rental period. The voucher can  be spent  at any Snow Service rental shops, either to buy accessories or to hire sports equipment. Refunds in cash are possible only in case of illness  or accident and medical certificate is to be provided.
Wearing a helmet is not compulsory, but we strongly recommend wearing it.
We collect only the  data necessary for the rental service. It is our concern to cancel all data at the end of the season.
After each use we clean and sanitize helmets and gloves. We use ozone sytems to sterilize the equipment because it is effective to kill all bacteria.
Junior and baby rates are applied according to the bike size. Baby rates are for bikes with 12-16 tyre dimensions Junior rates for bikes with 20-24 tyre dimensions
Our returning clients are offered a 10% discount. We are partner with several hotels in town; these partnerships also entitle to a 10% discount We offer the following discounts to groups : 15% for groups of 10 to 15 people. 20% for groups with 16 people or over.
Unfortunately, we don’t. Lift tickets can be purchased at the  ticket offices of the lifts.
No, we do not organize excursions nor we offer services to hire a mountain guide.
Unfortunately, we don’t. Our mechanic is too busy repairing our rental bikes.

Online booking

Online booking entitles to a 10% discount. In addition, you will save time and will be sure that the selected equipment is available.
We recommend booking at least two days prior to the first rental day.
As a rule, bookings should be made on our website. However we will do our best to meet your requirements.
Sure you can. We will do our best to satisfy your specific request, but we cannot guarantee 100%
Payments are to be made with credit card, but we do not accept American Express & Diners cards.
As a rule, payments are to be made on booking. However, if there are problems,  we will do our best to comply with your request.
The equipment may be picked up the day prior to the first rental day after 5.00 p.m. subject to availability.
No, you don’t need to; let’s save the planet!
Your booking will be completed after payment is made; you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a voucher-invoice therein attached.
Changes cannot be made through the system; any changes are to be communicated via e-mail to our booking operator.
Sure. If the cancellation is communicated via e-mail 2 days prior to the first booking day, you will get a full refund, without any charge. In case cancellations are communicated after the indicated time, but before the first rental day, the customer will receive a voucher for the full amount to spend in the shop at a later date.
Yes, it is very important to provide this data, as correct as possible, for your safety and the quality of the service.
Discounts are not available in summer.
Yes, we do collaborate with several hotels. Ask your hotel directly to receive  a 12% discount promo code on online bookings.
Yes, please email us to benefit of a promo code for the group.
In the designated area on the top left of the booking mask.
No, it isn’t. You cannot add up two promo codes.


Top-of-the-line MTBikes and e-bikes have high quality frame and components to guarantee optimal performances and safety even on the most challenging trails. We recommend this model to those who want to challenge their abilities on  medium and difficult trails. Medium bike model have proportionally lower quality components. We recommend medium bikes for occasional cyclists for easy routes and amateur cyclists for easy and medium routes.
Rental fees do not include insurance policy against damage, theft, or loss. In the unlikely event one of the above scenarios occurs, customers have to refund the corresponding amount of the damage as shown on the notice board displayed in all the rental shops.
The  policy includes an additional cost (15%  for bikes and 10% for the other items)  on the rental price and covers  the whole amount in case of  damage and 75% of the value in case of theft or loss.
All our bikes are provided with a puncture repair  kit (spare inner tube, tyre lever, pump, or, alternatively, sealing foam). On request we also provide lockers and water bottles. E-bikes come with battery charger  for those who plan long rides.
Of course! it is always possible to change the rented equipment, upon availability and by paying the price difference, if any.
Sure! All our bicycles come with comfortable saddles. On request, we can also provide performance seats.
As a rule, our bikes are equipped with 500 Watt batteries. On mountain trails, a normoweight person, with a saving mode use of the battery, is able to cover a 1,500 m elevation gain , about 50-60 km.
Sure it is. Upon request, we provide the charger and the tool to remove the battery.
With the provided charger, connected to a standard plug, it takes 1 hour to recharge 20% of the battery. Several mountain inns have free charging stations, though often busy. By connecting to these stations, recharging is significantly faster.
50/34×11/32 or 52/36×11/32
For mountain bikes, shimano; for road bikes, shimano or look.
Yes, for standard adjustments such as height, inclination and fore aft  saddle positioning.