You never get bored in the mountains

A few hints to explore our territory, its history and its traditions.

We suggest some easy itineraries that are thought to be self guided, to safely approach these disciplines and enjoy the Dolomites. Plenty of spectacular sites: open-air museums, ruined castles, herdsman’s huts and pasturelands, waterfalls, lakes and deep canyons, with the Dolomites in the background. You will be spoiled for choice.

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Please read: Snow Service does not organize excursions nor offers guide hiring services. We only provide rental service and suggestions on easy and safe routes you may venture on with our equipment. For more demanding routes we recommend hiring an Alpine Guide.

Excursions – on foot, by bike, or Via ferrata – are meant for amateurs in good physical conditions, while specific training in not required. In some cases, where elevation gains are important, lift facilities or bike shuttle buses are available.

Before setting off, you will be provided with all necessary information and equipment to ensure a safe excursion: map and detailed description of the route.

Whereas, if you attempt Vie Ferrate for the first time and have no climbing experience, we recommend hiring an Alpine Guide.



Cortina – Dobbiaco

A beautiful bike trail, along the former railway of the old Trenino delle Dolomiti, through the Landro Valley from Cortina to Dobbiaco



Beautiful itinerary on a wide military road as far as Pratopiazza amazing pasture lands, overlooked by Mt Croda Rossa and Picco di Vallandro


5 Rifugi

One of the world’s most spectacular itineraries in the heart of the Dolomites through the Natural Parks of Ampezzo Dolomites and of Sennes, Fanes and Braies to discover mountain inns, lakes and pasturelands.


Castles, lakes, and rivers

An amazing itinerary takes you to a castle ruins, natural and artificial emerald lakes and crystal clear rivers.



Pian de Loa

Tunnels carved out of rock, deep canyons and crystal clear waters are the highlights of this itinerary.



A short demanding ride through a dense forest on a military road across Mt Pomagagnon sunny slopes.


Pian de Ra Spines

A gentle leisurely ride, suitable to everyone, across the Fiames plain along both sides of the Boite river.

Road bike


6 passi Tour

As a Giro d’Italia stage, with six passes and more than 3000m elevation gain to conquer, this loop is a real challenge to the Dolomites.


Around Mt Averau

Demanding loop riding over the legendary passes that made the history of Giro d’Italia. From Passo Giau down to Colle Santa Lucia and then up to Falzarego to return to Cortina.


Around Mt Pelmo

Demanding loop tour around Mt Pelmo, climbing Giau, Staulanza and Cibiana passes and riding partly through Zoldo and Cadore valleys.


Around Mt. Cristallo

Short but demanding itinerary around Mt Cristallo, Mt Popena and Mt Pomagagnon, riding by Lake Misurina and over Passo Cimabanche and Passo Tre Croci.

Via Ferrata


Fanes Waterfalls

Scenic itinerary through spectacular canyons and waterfalls in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites


Ra Gusela

Easy and highly scenic Via Ferrata from Passo Giau grassy meadows up to ther moon-like environment of Mt Gusela, as far as Mt Nuvolau sunny deck.


Ra Pegna and Ra Bujela

Two different routes with the same access point, each running up one of the rocky towers that surround the legendary Tofane Schuss ski run.



Lake Sorapis

A charming hike to discover the turquoise waters of the glacial lake nestled in Mt Sorapis natural amphitheater.


Gores de Federa

A newly designed trail along the Ru de Federa water course, through waterfalls, gorges and pools.


Lake Federa

This very popular itinerary will take you to a wonderful lake, through stunning landscapes and varied natural wonders.


Tre Cime di Lavaredo loop

High-altitude hike to admire the majestic steep faces of Tre Cime di Lavaredo, icon of the Dolomites.



Pian de Ra Spines

A gentle leisurely hike, suitable for strollers, running across the Fiames plain along both sides of the Boite river.


Lake Pianozes

A pleasant level road through the forest takes you from Lake Pianozes to Socol village


From Ra Stua to Campo Croce

This hike, with little elevation gain, will take you to the Boite’s springs in the heart of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites.

Please read!

Snow Service does not organize tours nor offers guiding services. We only suggest the safest and easiest itineraries you can enjoy with our products.