A short demanding ride through a dense forest on a military road across Mt Pomagagnon sunny slopes.






574 m


10° max

Take the bike trail towards Dobbiaco.

When the paved stretch ends, continue straight for about 200 metres, turn right uphill and follow directions for Mietres – Larieto.

Once on top of the steep section we suggest taking a short detour to visit the highest vineyard in Europe.

The road levels up and continues alternating hairpins with long straight sections. At the “Cujinates” intersection, turn right and ride up the last very steep stretch where remaining on the bike is always a challenge. After a demanding descent, enjoy a leisurely ride on the fairly level section along the mountain footslopes as far as you spot Rifugio Mietres below you.

Stop at the Rifugio for a well deserved rest and enjoy the spectacular view from the panoramic deck.

The descent, along the dirt road that follows the former ski run, is rather steep and bumpy, especially the first stretch.

Another option is riding as far as Brite de Larieto and returning to Cortina along the SR48 road that descends from Passo Tre Croci.

Rest Stops: Rifugio Mietres: Ph. +39 334 720 3154 Brite de Larieto: Ph. +39 368 700 8083

Recommended period:

From May to October

Recommended clothing:

Active wear and sport shoes, backpack to carry food and a change of clothes. Rain jacket, spare t-shirt, sunglasses, bike gloves and water bottle.

Minimum recommended age:

14 years

Alternative name:

Itinerary No. 5

Route features:






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Livelli di difficoltà

Facile | Capacità Turistiche (TC): Percorso su strade sterrate dal fondo compatto e scorrevole, di tipo carrozzabile.

Medio | Medie Capacità (MC): Percorso su sterrate con fondo poco sconnesso o poco irregolare (tratturi, carrarecce…) o su sentieri con fondo compatto e scorrevole.

Difficile | Buone Capacità (BC): Percorso su sterrate molto sconnesse o su mulattiere e sentieri dal fondo piuttosto sconnesso ma abbastanza scorrevole oppure compatto ma irregolare, con qualche ostacolo naturale (per es. gradini di roccia o radici).

Intenso | Ottime Capacità (OC): Come sopra (BC) ma su sentieri dal fondo molto sconnesso e/o molto irregolare, con presenza significativa di ostacoli.

Estremo | Eccellenti Capacità (EC): Percorso su sentieri molto irregolari, caratterizzati da gradoni e ostacoli in continua successione, che richiedono tecniche di tipo trialistico.

Grading system

Easy | Touristic riding skills (S1): Fairly flat, wide,  smooth track or gravel road.

Medium | Intermediate riding skills (S2): Itineraries on partly unstable terrain along dirt roads  or on trails with smooth road surface.

Difficult | Good riding skills (S3): Itinerary on fairly rough terrain along dirt roads or mule tracks and trails with rarely solid ground featuring some natural obstacles (roots or rock steps)

Intense | Very good riding skills (S4): As above (S3) but on challenging trails with rarely solid ground under the wheels and fairly obstructed by roots or rock steps.

Extreme | Excellent riding skills (S5): Itinerary on rough trails, heavily obstructed by continuous rock steps and natural obstacles, that require triathlon-like techniques.

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