Sports equipment


in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Snow Service

All what you may need for your holiday in the mountains

In Cortina, heart of the Dolomites, Snow Service offers the best sports equipment. Both our passion for the mountains and our deep knowledge of the Ampezzo area allow us to advise you regarding the most suitable rental gear.

  • E-Bikes, different types of Mountain Bikes, Trekking Bikes, and Road Bikes for two-wheel lovers.
  • Climbing harness, rope, carabiners, belay devices and helmet for those who wish to climb Vie Ferrate.
  • Trekking shoes and poles, backpacks, sleeping bags and rain ponchos for passionate hikers.

Everything can be found at Snow Service, even the gear to have fun with your family: child carrier backpacks and mountain strollers for a hiking trip or trail gators and child seats if you fancy a ride all together.
All our gear is updated annually, accurately checked after each use, and carefully adjusted at each rental. Gloves and helmets are always washed and sanitized.

Why buying gear when you can rent it at Snow service?

Online Booking

An efficient  online booking service has been set up in order to guarantee you find your favorite model and right size.

A few clicks and a friendly interface allow you to select, book, and pay your gear from home.

In this way, not only you are certain the selected gear is available, but also the rental process will be faster.

You may cancel your booking up to 1 day before.


To make your holiday as leisurely as possible, you may underwrite an insurance policy against damage and theft. The cost of the policy is 10% of the total rental price and covers the entire costs of damages and 75% of the value in case of theft. (See PDF)


Thanks to its structure, Snow Service has acquired a fairly good experience with groups and incentives.

On request, we will offer a promo-code to large groups for special discount on online booking .