Mountain Bike Rental in Cortina

Mountain biking has several different facets

We, at Snow Service, know all about the many routes for all tastes and levels that Cortina offers.

For leisurely rides along the cycling path of the Dolomites, the best choice is the MTB with aluminium frame, disk brake, 27 gears and 27.5 inch wheel.

Our bikes are provided with all the necessary devices to make your trip as leisurely and safe as possible: comfortable seats, water bottle, locker and the ill-luck repair kit in case of flat tyre.

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Available in all sizes

For both adults and kids

Our selection includes also full suspended bikes that we recommend for those who prefer a more challenging approach, not only uphill but especially driving downhill.

For those who love intense training, we have light and agile carbon fiber or aluminium hardtail bikes, specially designed for cross country and long rides to reach the rifugi of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites.

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A few useful suggestions to discover our area, its history and its traditions.


Pian de Loa

Tunnels carved out of rock, deep canyons and crystal clear waters are the highlights of this itinerary.



A short demanding ride through a dense forest on a military road across Mt Pomagagnon sunny slopes.


Pian de Ra Spines

A gentle leisurely ride, suitable to everyone, across the Fiames plain along both sides of the Boite river.

Challenge the Dolomites

The trails

In Cortina, as in the whole Veneto district, riding bikes along hiking trails is forbidden for safety reasons. If you cannot resist the temptation come and see us for some advice.

Recommending the most suitable route is our main concern and the shop is equipped with a convenient briefing point with maps and bus timetables to provide you with all the necessary information to spend an unforgettable day. Starting this year, 3d maps are also available through the FATMAP App: find out more in our routes.

Price list

1 day     50 €
2 days     96 €
3 days     138 €
4 days     177 €
5 days     213 €
6 days     246 €

+1 day 33 €

1 day     35 €
2 days     65 €
3 days     91 €
4 days     114 €
5 days     133 €
6 days     150 €

+1 day 17 €

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Enjoy some physical activity, while discovering amazing mountain routes, without tiring yourself out.

Challenging the legendary roads of the Dolomite passes, is every cyclist’s dream.