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Cortina Climbing Station

What is a Via Ferrata?

Cortina, with its 24 Vie Ferrate and its equipped trails, rigorously marked and perfectly maintained, is the paradise of  Via Ferrata.

Vie Ferrate are alpine trails equipped with iron cables, metal ladders, boardwalks, bridges, steps and other artificial holds to ease the ascent of rock walls in total safety.

Vie Ferrate are considered a peculiarity of the Dolomites. They were first built during World War 1 by the Italian and Austrian Armies, which fought a useless and bloody trench war for more than three years on these mountains. Plenty of evidence of this sad page of history is still visible.

Climbing a Via Ferrata is a unique experience and allows even beginner climbers to enjoy, in total safety, the breathtaking views and the charming atmosphere of the Dolomites.

The Ampezzo valley offers routes for every level

Easy routes

The Giovanni Barbara Via Ferrata, at Fanes Waterfalls, is definitely the most suitable for beginners and younger kids. Though the difficulty grade is low, climbing through canyons and waterfalls will leave you amazed.

Vie Ferrate Ra Gusela at Nuvolau, Averau, ra Pegna at Pomedes, and the trails Kaiserjager at Lagazuoi and Astaldi at Tofane, though still easy, are the next step up.

Challenging routes

The main intermediate routes are: Ra Bujela at Pomedes, Alpini at Col dei Bos, Formenton on the Tofane, and Strobel on Mt. Pomagagnon.
Punta Anna, Lipella, Bovero, and Sci Club 18 are among the most difficult ones.

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A few useful suggestions to discover our area, its history and its traditions.


Fanes Waterfalls

Scenic itinerary through spectacular canyons and waterfalls in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites


Ra Gusela

Easy and highly scenic Via Ferrata from Passo Giau grassy meadows up to ther moon-like environment of Mt Gusela, as far as Mt Nuvolau sunny deck.


Ra Pegna and Ra Bujela

Two different routes with the same access point, each running up one of the rocky towers that surround the legendary Tofane Schuss ski run.

Do you have a head for the heights?


At Snow Service you will find all the equipment to approach this new adventure: Full Via Ferrata Kit for adults and children from 4 years of age. The Kit includes: harness, rope, belay devices, carabiners, and helmet. All these items can also be rented separately. Additional rental gear: climbing gloves, trekking shoes, backpacks, rain ponchos and headlamps.


Recommending the most suitable route is our main concern and the shop is equipped with a convenient briefing point with detailed description of the routes, maps, and bus timetables to provide you with all the necessary information to spend an unforgettable day.
Starting this year, 3d maps are also available through the FATMAP App: find out more in our routes. If you are not an expert climber we suggest hiring an Alpine Guide. One last tip: an e-bike, in many cases, is the most suitable means of transport to reach the start of a Via Ferrata.

Our offers

The kit includes: harness, lanyard with dissipator and karabiners. All these items can also be rented separately.
The helmet, strongly recommended, is not included in the kit and is rented apart.

1 day

21 €

2 days

36 €

3 days

47 €

4 days

55 €

5 days

60 €

6 days

65 €

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4 €