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About Snow Service...

Snow Service:

The Rental service in Cortina in the heart of the Dolomites

Our business

We have everything you may need for your mountain holiday both in winter and in summer.

Skis for every discipline, bicycles for all levels and tastes, snowboards, sledges, snowshoes, Via Ferrata equipment, well it would be easier to tell you what we do not rent.

Challenge us.

Snow Service is:

  • Quality and  safety of the gear, continuously updated and tested after each use.
  • All-around services: courtesy, competence, availability,  open all day, multilingual, online booking,  insurance.
  • Passion and exhaustive knowledge of the mountains that we always try to share with our customers.

Our history  began in a garage where 4 ski instructors in their thirties (Gino, Nelso, Franco, Vito) met to experiment new skiing techniques. Snowboarding was booming and we attended the first clinic to specialize in this discipline. The following year, we were eager to put our newly acquired snowboarding skills to test, but could not find snowboards to rent to our potential customers. Therefore, we decided to buy some. We used to keep them in our cars ready to be used.

These were our first rental services. Seizing the opportunity of an already increasing demand, mainly from foreign customers, we decided to buy the first 50 pairs of skis and boots by instalments and we stored them in a woodshed next to Gino’s workshop.

The following year, we rented our first shop in town.

And here we are! 22 years have gone by, but our enthusiasm and synergy have never changed since the first day.

Our mission, our values, our responsibility.

We have had the privilege to be born among these spectacular mountains and we want to share our passion with our clients so that they can enjoy this area at its utmost.

  • Rental is our business, we do one thing only and we try to do it as best as possible.
  • We believe that renting is the most responsible and ecological way to enjoy sports equipment.
  • The same item can be used by several people throughout the season so as to enable them to experience the joy of being in nature without spoiling the environment.
  • Every aspect of our business aims to mitigate the environmental impact; in Cortina we are the only rental shop with biodegradable bags to carry your ski boots.
  • We are grateful to this land and participate in the social events of our community. We try to ensure a growing and continuous relationship to our partners and suppliers.

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