Protective gear & outerwear

in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Helmet and back protection for your safety

Customers’ safety is our top priority.

Helmet is compulsory for kids up to 18 years of age, but we recommend everyone using it on the ski runs for children & adults alike.

We just need to adopt the mindset as it happened for the use of the motorbike helmet. We might mess up our hairstyle a little, but the benefit is priceless in case of an accidental fall.

Actually, helmets are not so ugly looking.

Snow Service Cortina offers a wide selection of helmets of different brands and models both for kids and adults, to best fit all head sizes.

Helmets are cleaned and sanitized after each use to guarantee the best hygiene.

For back protection, light and washable back braces are available.

Ski jackets and pants, gloves and goggles rental

Travel light and make your holiday simple and easy

Purchasing expensive ski outerwear is not worth for just a few days a year on the snow.

You can avoid travelling with bulky and heavy luggage because Snow Service offers trendy ski jackets and pants together with gloves and goggles.

Goggles and gloves are personal items and you may find them on sale in our retail corner. However, if you have forgotten them or you are going to ski a few days only, the rental alternative is certainly the most convenient.

It goes without saying that each item is cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Come at Snow Service in your everyday outfit and leave dressed up as a skier.