Ski boots and winter footwear

in Cortina d’Ampezzo

We certainly do not leave out the most important item

We talk a lot about skiing, snowboarding, ski touring,

But little about ski boots which, if they are not the right fit, can compromise the quality of our holiday.

That is why Snow Service has always paid great attention in choosing the right boots both for skiing and other disciplines.
Giving you the right footwear is not our only concern, we also put great care in hygiene. After each use, the boots are cleaned, sanitized and dried.

We offer two types of ski boots: standard and performance.

For each type we accurately select brands and models with different sole width and different flex, to provide the right fit for each skier.

Have a look at our  online booking page to discover the latest models for this winter.

New ski boots and winter footwear

Ski boots and winter footwear models

We take our time to find the right fit: we have dedicated benches, we measure the foot and according to its shape we choose the most suitable model.

We also pay the same attention for ski boots booked online: when our staff is uncertain about the choice, they will contact you via email to receive the missing details.

A wide selection of boots is also available for young skiers. Some models are up to size 42.5 so as to provide suitable boots also to those kids, and the number is constantly increasing, who have big wide feet.

Of course, not only alpine ski-boots: we have a wide range of  Touring and Snowboard boots.

Specific models for free-ride skiing are also available.

For those who want to practice snow-shoeing, or just go for a walk, we have specific snow boots.