Ski Touring

in Cortina d’Ampezzo

In Cortina, Snow Service offers top-of-the-line skis and boots for rent.

In the last years, ski touring has established itself as a new discipline, constantly increasing the number of its followers.

Ski touring means getting away from the crowded ski runs at Christmas time and in the weekends and exercising immersed in the silence of a pristine nature.

The origin of these tools dates back to the ancient times when, similarly to snowshoes, they were used by people of the Nordic countries to move around, hunt, and fight.
Seals skins were used up to a few decades ago, today instead they have been replaced by synthetic material.

To climb uphill, skins are attached underneath the skis to prevent slipping backwards.
The ski binding rotates to let the heel free and facilitate the ascent. A heel lift is used up steep slopes to ease the climb.
On frozen terrain crampon clefts can be mounted under the ski bindings for a better grip.

Once on top, skins are removed, bindings set and you are ready for an awesome ride down pristine snow.

Many are the ones who experience night tours to climb up to a Rifugio for dinner. The descent is under the moonlight or using a headlamp.

In Cortina, the Snow Service shop located at  206, Corso Italia offers high quality touring skis and boots for rental.
We have selected the most suitable Atomic, Dynastar, K2, Blizzard and Fischer models for rental.

Our staff will assist you in selecting the right gear for you and will give you tips on how to set the bindings both for the climb and descent and how to apply and remove the skins.

Ski touring is not meant for expert skiers only, intermediate skiers can have just as fun on routes that are suitable for their abilities.

Come and see us: we will provide you with the right gear and suggest some of the best itineraries available.


A few useful suggestions to discover our area, its history and its traditions.


Malga Federa

A long ascent skinning up to Malga Federa. Enjoy the traditional local specialities of the farm restaurant and then get ready for an exciting descent along the forest road down to Lake Pianozes.


Rifugio Mietres

Leisurely ascent to Rifugio Mietres. After a well deserved rest, enjoy skiing down the former ski run as far as Guargnè.


Rifugio Dibona

Leisurely climb to Rifugio Dibona. Enjoy the delicacies offered by the Mountain inn for a snack, lunch, or dinner and then ski down the forest road as far as Malghe Fedarola.


Malga Ra Stua

Short though demanding climb to Malga Ra Stua. Stop at the farm-restaurant for a well deserved rest and then descend along the charming forest road down to St Ubertus.

Tours and emotions with stunning panoramic views


Safety in the mountains is always top priority. Together with skis, ski-boots, adjustable poles, and headlamps, we provide also safety gear: ice-axe, crampons, backpack, shovel, probe, and transceiver. All these items are  available online  and at our shop on  Corso Italia – Snow Service 3. Come and see us; we will provide you with the right gear for your needs as well as with tips on the best itineraries. For your safety, to have more fun and learn more, we recommend hiring an alpine guide.

A day with Ski Touring

Our offers:

Enjoy the wilderness in total freedom. Make the most of your holiday! Come and rent the latest ski touring models. Skins are included in the package.

To book please call or write an email.

1 day

€ 62

2 days

€ 120

3 days

€ 177

4 days

€ 230

5 days

€ 283

6 days

€ 332

+1 day

€ 49

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At Snow Service rental shop you will find amazing twin-tip freestyle skis, both for adults and kids who love tricks and rails.

When the snow is fresh, cold, and as soft as “powder”, skiing is like floating in the air.

Skiing in Cortina, the Queen of the Dolomites, is a dream.  Snow Service makes your dream come true with the widest selection of skis for rental.