in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Snow shoes rental in Cortina

Walking on the snow is possible; with the right gear, of course.

The best snowshoes rental in Cortina is Snow Service.

Snowshoes, locally known as “ciaspe” or “ciaspole”, increase the surface area of the foot sole, so as to prevent  sinking in the snow and to allow walking  even on fresh snow.

This tool, used in ancient times and known in many different cultures, allowed mountain people to get around areas of  frequent snowfalls to go hunting.

They are equipped with adjustable pivot bindings and a heel lift  to ease manoeuvrability uphill.
Underfoot crampon clefts, integrated with the binding, provide traction on frozen terrain.

Snow shoeing means getting away from the crazy, bustling ski runs for a slow leisurely  walk on the snow-blanketed slopes  with the footprints of wildlife.

Snowshoes are available at Snow Service 3 – Corso Italia 206 .
We offer a light weight, top quality product from Tubbs and K2 brands. Some models are manufactured in plastic, others in steel.


A few useful suggestions to discover our area, its history and its traditions.


Cason di Rozes – Ospedaletti

Beautiful itinerary along the sunny slopes of Col di Bos to visit the ruins of the First World War hospital village, under the curious eyes of the chamois.


From Mandres to Fraina

This beautiful itinerary along the slopes of Mt Faloria takes you to a fairy-tale environemnt amid the legends of Mt Ciasadiò and ends up in the clearings above Baita Fraina.


Pian Ra Valles Trail

Pian Ra Valles trail, leisurely hike at 2400 m of altitude, offers breathtaking views over the Queen of the Dolomites and its spectacular surrounding peaks.


Lake d’Ajal

From Malga Peziè de Parù, a charming snowshoeing hike, through the forest of Abrizzola, will take you to the scenic Lake d’Ajal. The return to Cortina goes by the Volpera caves and through Mortija Village

In wintertime, this means a “slow” wandering through the woods to reach the mountain inns

Snowshoeing equipment

Snowshoes are provided with adjustable ski poles to help you keep your balance, and snow gaiters to keep your boots dry. No worries if you do not have snow boots, we can rent you some! And if you plan a night hike we will provide you with headlamps. For your safety, to have more fun and learn more, we suggest hiring an alpine guide.

Our offers:

Snowshoes are provided with adjustable ski poles to help you keep your balance, and snow gaiters to keep your boots dry.

1 day

€ 17

2 days

€ 32

3 days

€ 47

4 days

€ 61

5 days

€ 74

6 days

€ 87

+1 day

€ 13