of the rented equipment

The convenience of finding your equipment ready at your hotel

For online bookings:

No more waiting in line at the rental shop to pick up your equipment: those who book online no longer need to come to the shop to try on the equipment. Fill in the booking form and we will deliver the most suitable equipment at your place with a fee of just 10€ each person.

Our booking team will contact you by email if further information is required to select the right equipment for you and make sure that everything goes according to your request.

In our experince, 8 times out of 10, the delivered equipment fits perfectly. Nonetheless, in case the equipment does not meet your expectations, you may always come to one of our shops to get something more suitable for you.

Take advantage of the delivery and pick up service at your hotel! It is the best way to save time.

To avoid any confusion, all rented items are labelled with name and last name of the customer.

Returning your equipment is even easier. You do not need to bring it back to the shop. At the end of the rental period, you my leave all your gear in the ski room (stored all together) and inform the concierge. For the pick up service, compulsory insurance is required.




For those who come to the shop

The service is provided also to those who come to the shop to select their gear.

You will no longer need to carry all your equipment to the car or the hotel, maybe, after a long journey. In this case Snow Service, upon request, at a cost of 10 euros per person, with compulsory insurance, will deliver and pick up the equipment rented at the Hotel.

Insurance is necessary because we cannot verify the conditions of the items at the customers’ presence at pick up.

Customers who have requested pick up at the hotel but decide to interrupt their booking before the due date should personally return the equipment in order to receive a voucher refund.