Safety and leisure on holiday

You may underwrite an insurance policy against damage, theft, or loss of the rented equipment to make your holiday as leisurely as possible.
The cost of the policy is 10% of the rental price and covers the entire costs of damages and 75% of the value in the case of theft or loss (exemption 25%).

Exemption is necessary to ensure correct care and custody of the items.
Each of our shops displays the values of the different items and the corresponding exemption.

In case of theft you must report the theft to the police.

Theft of equipment is very unlikely to happen. Sometimes skis might be involuntary swapped, even if they are labelled with name and last name of the customers.
A bit of research can easily solve 90% of these cases.

Damage means something that goes beyond the usual deterioration of the skis. Hitting a rock and seriously damaging the skis may easily happen.

For these reasons we strongly recommend to always purchase the insurance.
The cost is very low and will avoid useless discussions, stress and extra payments that in some cases can be quite significant.

The value of the equipment is displayed in the table shown in every rental shop.(See PDF)