Sellaronda Circuit

The Sellaronda circuit develops around the Sella Massifs and its 4 Dolomite passes. Starting from Cortina the passes become 5, including Passo Falzarego. It is probably the most amazing ski tour in the world and can be easily done in one day.


82.4 km


6-7 hours


38 km


44.4 km

Starting from Cortina, drive along the SS48, and take the Lagazuoi cable-car, located 17 Km from Cortina centre. Parking is free of charge.

From Mt Lagazuoi, descend along the charming Armentarola ski run until you reach San Cassiano, Piz Sorega and Piz la Ila first, and then continue towards Corvara. Here is where the actual circuit starts and can be travelled in both directions: clockwise (orange signs) and anti-clockwise (green signs). We recommend travelling it anti-clockwise.

From Corvara ride the gondola to Colfosco. A short ride on the Plans-Frara gondola takes you up to Malga Cir above Passo Gardena. From here, take the Val Setus chairlift up to 2280 m and then descend to Passo Gardena. Ride the next chairlift up to Dantercepies and ski down to Selva. Here, the Ciampinoi high-speed gondola takes you up the namesake mountain to ski down to Plan de Gralba-Piz Seteur. Ride the Sassolungo chairlift, and through the spectacular “Città dei Sassi” you reach Passo Sella. Take the Sasso Levante chairlift and then descend along Val Salei, then ride Pian Frataces gondola followed by the chairlift towards Sas Becè. After a long and fun descent, you reach Arabba to take the chairlift up to Bec the Roces. From here a leisurely and enjoyable run takes you to Passo Campolongo. Follow directions to Rifugio Cherz first and Rifugio Pralongià to then end up at the bottom of Armentarola where the taxi will take you back to Passo Falzarego.

Recommended period:

From December to March

Recommended clothing:

Normal ski clothing.

Minimum recommended age:

10 years


Check the weather conditions; better to give up in case of fog.





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Livelli di difficoltà

Facile: Itinerario facile che non richiede tecnica particolare.

Medio: Pendii e valloni ampi, fino a 25 gradi.

Difficile: Pendii fino a 35 gradi; richiede buona tecnica su ogni tipo di neve.

Intenso: Pendii fino a 45 gradi senza forte esposizione; tra 30 e 40 gradi con esposizione forte o passaggi stretti; richiede una tecnica ottima.

Estremo: Pendii oltre i 45 gradi senza forte esposizione; a partire da 50 gradi con esposizione forte.

Grading system

Easy: easy itinerary that does not require any technical skill.

Medium: Wide slopes and deep valleys, steepness up to 25 degrees.

Difficult: Steepness up to 35 degrees, good technical skills on every type of snow conditions are required.

Severe: Steepness up to 45 degrees with little exposure; between 30 and 40 degrees with high exposure or narrow stretches. Excellent technique is required.

Extreme: Steepness over 45 degrees with little exposure and from 50 degrees with high exposure.

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