Short and fun snowmobile ride up to Rifugio Mietres. Enjoy their typical specialities for a snack, lunch, or dinner and then get ready for an exciting ride down the former ski run as far as Guargné.


4.8 km


1 h

15 mins


15 mins


18° max

To check if open, book snowmobile rides and to reserve a table at the restaurant, call +39 334 720 3154. If you prefer to hike up, the time required is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The ascent starts at Guargnè, the valley station of the dismantled Mietres chairlift, less than 1 km drive from Cortina centre. A wide parking area, free of charge, is provided.

Here you will find the snowmobiles, equipped with trailers to carry people, to take you to the Rifugio in a fun 10-minute ride uphill.

Rifugio Mietres (1710 m) lies right at the foot of Mt Pomagagnon. Its deck offers stunning views over Cortina valley and the Tofane massif.

Enjoy your meal and get ready for an exciting ride on your sledge.

The descent is along the former ski run of Mietres area and takes about 15 minutes. A few stretches are rather steep, therefore we recommend to always control the speed.

The descent takes about 15 minutes.

Snow Service rental shop offers wooden sledges and plastic snow sledges.

From our experience, sledges are to be preferred to snow sledges for this ride.

Important: Cortina doesn’t have any runs homologated for sledging. Descents are usually along  groomed forest roads prepared by mountain inns’s snowploughs. You may practice this activity at your own risk and Snowservice is not accountable for the use you make of the rented equipment. Check snow conditions before attempting the ride, in case of lack of snow or icy patches we advise against.

Rest Stop: Rifugio Mietres: +39 334 720 3154.

Recommended period:

From December to March

Recommended clothing:

Ski jacket and pants, ski gloves, adequate winter boots, helmet, goggles (clear lens for night riding), headlamp (for night riding).

Minimum recommended age:

12 years and above to ride alone; minimum 6 years old accompanied by an adult.

Route features:

Former ski run


Check snow conditions with the restaurant owner; advised against in case of lack of snow and icy conditions.



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Malga Federa

Short and fun snowmobile ride up to Malga Federa. Enjoy their typical specialities for a snack, lunch, or dinner and then get ready for an exciting ride down the forest road as far as Lake Pianozes.

Our offers:

We have standard wooden sledges and, for the most demanding riders, top-of-the-line models.

Our products are, as always, top quality; sledges from the Austrian brand Gasser and snow sleds from Seven style.

1 day

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2 days

21 €

3 days

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5 days

42 €

6 days

45 €

+1 day

3 €

Livelli di difficoltà

Facile: Itinerario facile che non richiede tecnica particolare.

Medio: Pendii e valloni ampi, fino a 25 gradi.

Difficile: Pendii fino a 35 gradi; richiede buona tecnica su ogni tipo di neve.

Intenso: Pendii fino a 45 gradi senza forte esposizione; tra 30 e 40 gradi con esposizione forte o passaggi stretti; richiede una tecnica ottima.

Estremo: Pendii oltre i 45 gradi senza forte esposizione; a partire da 50 gradi con esposizione forte.

Grading system

Easy: easy itinerary that does not require any technical skill.

Medium: Wide slopes and deep valleys, steepness up to 25 degrees.

Difficult: Steepness up to 35 degrees, good technical skills on every type of snow conditions are required.

Severe: Steepness up to 45 degrees with little exposure; between 30 and 40 degrees with high exposure or narrow stretches. Excellent technique is required.

Extreme: Steepness over 45 degrees with little exposure and from 50 degrees with high exposure.

Please read!

Snow Service does not organize tours nor offers guiding services. We only suggest the safest and easiest itineraries you can enjoy with our products.