From Malga Peziè de Parù, a charming snowshoeing hike, through the forest of Abrizzola, will take you to the scenic Lake d'Ajal. The return to Cortina goes by the Volpera caves and through Mortija Village


6.3 km


2-3 hours

elevation gain

155 m

elevation loss

447 m

To check if open or reserve a table call the Rifugio Lake Ajal: +39 376 047 4338.

The hike starting point is along the SP 638 road to Passo Giau, about 300 m before Malga Peziè de Parù. The most convenient way to reach the access point is by taking the local bus service from Cortina centre up to Pocol and then walk along the road to Passo Giau.

After walking for 1.5 km you will find, on your left, a small car park with trail signs and a forest road closed by a gate.

Wear your snowshoes and start venturing through the woods along the forest road signposted CAI No. 434. Cross the bridge over the Costeana stream and keep left uphill on CAI trail No. 432.

Continue until you reach a clearing where “Cason del Macaron” and the namesake cross are found.

Follow the path as far as you encounter an iron gate. Turn right and continue slightly uphill; a few more meters and you can spot Lake d’Ajal.

Enjoy a well deserved rest at the Rifugio. Then, skirting the left shore of the lake you reach a shortcut in the forest that leads to the dirt road connecting Lake d’Ajal to Campo, CAI trail No.430.

Continue downhill as far as Jamberta intersection and turn left towards Mortija. Then, cross the bridge over the Rio Costeana gorge and enter the awe-inspiring environment of the Volpera caves, characterised by an agglomeration of boulders of any shape and size.

Leave the forest and in a few minutes you arrive at Mortija.

From here, Cortina centre is 10 minutes away.

Though we feel a tour guide is not necessary, hiring a mountain guide for your complete safety is always a good idea.

Rest stop: Rifugio Lago d’Ajal: +39 376 047 4338

Recommended period:

From December to March

Recommended clothing:

Adequate winter hiking gear with thin gloves. Backpack containing a spare layer.

Minimum recommended age:

14 years

Route features:

Ungroomed forest road


Check the weather forecast and snow conditions. Not recommended in case of lack of snow or icy conditions. Do not venture when visibility is low.





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Livelli di difficoltà

Facile: Nell’insieme piatto o poco pendente. Non ci sono pendii ripidi nelle immediate vicinanze. Nessun pericolo di scivolamenti o cadute esposte.

Medio: Nell’insieme piatto o poco pendente. Pendii ripidi nelle immediate vicinanze. Nessun pericolo di scivolamenti o cadute esposte.

Difficile: Nell’insieme poco o moderatamente pendente. Brevi passaggi ripidi. Pericolo di scivolamenti corti non escluso.

Intenso: Moderatamente pendente. Brevi passaggi ripidi e/o traversate di versanti, parzialmente cosparsi di rocce. Ghiacciaio povero di crepacci. Pericolo di scivolamenti con rischio di ferimento. Pericolo di cadute esposte non escluso. Conoscenze di base dell’ambiente alpino. Buona tecnica di progressione.

Estremo: Brevi passaggi ripidi e/o traversate di versanti e/o passaggi rocciosi. Ghiacciaio. Pericolo di cadute esposte. Pericoli alpini. Buone conoscenze dell’ambiente alpino. Sicurezza nella progressione.

Grading system

Easy: flat or slightly steep overall. No steep slopes in the immediate vicinity. No danger of slipping or falling.

Medium: flat or slightly steep overall. Steep slopes in the immediate vicinity. No danger of slipping or falling.

Difficult: slightly to moderately steep overall. Short passages steeper than the generally indicated steepness. Low risk of slipping.

Severe: moderately steep. Short steeper passages and/or crossing of slopes partly interspersed with rocks. Glacier with few crevasses. Danger of slipping with risk of injury, low risk of falling. Good knowledge of the mountain environment, good walking technique.

Extreme:   challenging steep passages and/or crossing of slopes and/or rock steps. Glacier with many crevasses. Danger of falling. Alpine hazards. Very good knowledge of the alpine environment. Safe walking in rocks, firn, and ice.

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