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E-bike Rental in Cortina

To discover the Dolomites

E-bikes have become amazingly popular because everyone, even those who are not particularly fit, can enjoy some healthy exercise along spectacular mountain trails, without excessive strain.

E-bike computers allow riders to decide how much their pedal power needs to be assisted by the motor so as to ration their energy and adjust their speed to the other members of the group.

It is great fun to pedal together with spouses, children, and friends with no other worries at all.

Reach new destinations with your own abilities

Family ride

Snow Service has accessories and e-bikes available in all sizes: junior e-bikes with 24 inch wheels for children aged 8 or more; XS size for teenagers and ladies; child seats and trailers; trail gators, the half bike attached by a strong frame extension to the back of an adult’s seatpost, like a tandem, to pedal together with your 5-6 year old kids.

Our main model for adults is: Trek powerfly 5.


The routes

Cortina offers several routes suitable to families or e-bike beginners.

  • Cycling path Cortina-Dobbiaco
  • Riding up to Rifugio Prato Piazza
  • Pian de Loa – Pian de Ra Spines loop
  • San Vito loop
  • Lower Ampezzo Valley loop

Surely, there are plenty of trails for experts and those who love all-mountain riding style. Just to mention a few:

5 Rifugi, Cianderou, and Lerosa tours. For expert riders, Snow Service has in store an amazing bike: Moterra Cannondale. This bike will leave you speechless for the ease of handling, comfort, and efficient ride.

A vehicle that will leave you speechless for ease of handling, comfort and driving efficiency.

Parco delle Dolomiti d’Ampezzo

E-bikes are the most ecologically friendly means of transport to move around in the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites and to approach the most famous sites:

Sorapis and Federa lakes, the north face of Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the herdsmen’s huts, Vie Ferrate, and the First World War Museum in the Lagazuoi-5 Torri area.

Recommending the most suitable route is our main concern and the shop is equipped with a handy briefing point with maps, bus timetables, and satnav to provide you with all the necessary information to spend an unforgettable day.

E-bike & smile

Snow Service pays great attention to ensure a safe, relaxed experience: all the bicycles are rigorously tested before each use; we provide comfortable seats and, whenever needed, the soft gel seat cushion.

Get ready
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