Snowshoeing at Ra Valles on the Tofane – Cacciatori Trail

Cacciatori Trail

This panoramic trail winds along the ungroomed ridge above the “Cacciatori” ski run amid the peaceful mountainscape of Tofana di Mezzo. It then opens onto the Ampezzo valley with spectacular views of the surrounding Dolomite peaks – 5 Torri, Lastoi del Formin, Croda da Lago, Civetta, Antelao, Pelmo, Croda Rossa, Pomagagnon, Cristallo, and Sorapìs – and beyond.


Suggested departure time: 10.00 am

Grade: medium

Change in elevation: 100m

Highest elevation: 2,470 m

Estimated Time: 1h 30 m

Suitable for children: No

Starting and arrival point: Ra Valles, next to the cable car station



The trail can be reached only via the Tofana-Freccia nel Cielo cable car located next to the Olympic Ice Arena. Purchase the ticket or scan your pass (both the local and the Dolomiti Superski passes are valid) and take the cable car up to Ra Valles, at 2,470 m, with a panoramic terrace over the Ampezzo valley.

Once on top, leave the station and watch for a sign that indicates the starting point of the tour and displays the most important information to snowshoe in total safety. Indeed, it is important to follow the orange poles all along the track, keeping on the left of them.