Free-style skis Rental

in Cortina d’Ampezzo

FREE-STYLE: a discipline in constant evolution.

In the Thirties, Norwegians were the first who started experimenting skiing acrobatic moves, followed, in the Seventies, by the Americans with their famous “hot-dogging”. Nowadays freestyle skiing has developed some more classic disciplines, such as moguls and jumps, and what is called the “new school”: half pipe, ski-cross and slope style.

Traditional carving skis are not designed to perform these acrobatic moves: twin-tip skis, which are light, soft and straight, are recommended.

At Snow Service rental shop you will find amazing twin-tip freestyle skis, both for adults and kids who love tricks and rails.

Acrobatic Jumps

Our free-style skis

As always, we have chosen high-end products.

the Rossignol Spryer for adults and the Fisher Stunner for kids.

Cortina offers off-piste skiing to test your abilities and set yourself free, but also two man-made Snow Parks: the Cortina Snow Park at Son dei Prade and the Free Style Station on Mt Faloria.

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