Lake d’Ajal e Pianozes

This leisurely snowshoeing tour leads from Pocol to Lake d’Ajal and Mortisa. It is recommended on snowy days, when venturing on high altitude trails is not advised, to enjoy the magic atmosphere of the woods below Becco d’Ajal, where you may even be lucky enough to spot roe deer.
From Cortina, take the bus or the ski bus shuttle to Pocol. Start along state road 638 to Passo Giau for about 1 km as far as a parking area on your left with a few trailsigns.
Take the forest road (CAI trail No. 434) – closed to private vehicles by a barrier – and penetrate through the forest as far as the bridge at Pezié de Parù over Rio Costeana. Cross the bridge and turn left on CAI trail No. 431 alongside the stream.
Follow the trail as far as a wide clearing where you will find a hut, “Cason del Macaròn” and an old cross.
From the hut, descend the small dirt road down to an iron barrier. There, turn right uphill and shortly after you reach Lago d’Ajal.
The Rifugio by the lake is worth a stop for some refreshments. Walk around the lake along its left shore until a shortcut through the woods leading to a dirt road (CAI trailsign No. 430) connecting Lago d’Ajal to Località Campo. Continue downhill. When you reach a junction, turn left into CAI trail No 428 and after a little while you reach Ponte. Follow the trail and in about half an hour you get to Mortisa and then down to Cortina centre.


Area: Peziè de Parù – Lago d’Ajal

Suggested departure time: 10.30 a.m.

Difficulty level: easy

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Start point: Pocol – Pezié de Parù.

Arrival point: Mortisa – Cortina centre

Highest elevation: 1,518 m

Elevation gain: 50 m

Elevation loss: 350 m

Suggested minimum age: 10

The route is not dangerous and accessible even in snowy weather. Trekking boots and gaiters can also be rented.