Mandres – Fraina

From Cortina centre take Faloria cable car as far as Mandres, the first section. Wear your snowshoes and start on a well marked trail, level on its first stretch and downhill after a while.

Descend a few hundred metres and on your left there is a junction with directions to Baita Fraina, (CAI trail 220). Follow the trail through a thin larch forest where you may happen to spot squirrels which feed on pine seeds. These animals build their nests on the trees to avoid the birds of prey.
Along smooth elevation changes you will reach some rocks known as Ra Crepedeles – which means small cliffs in the Ampezzo language. A careful eye may spot the Door of the Sylvan god, a rectangular-shaped recess in the rock-face at the base of these walls, which inspired legends and fairy tales. Walk farther down along the trail as far as the restaurant.
Return to Cortina is either a pleasant walk along the former railway path or by bus.


Suggested departure time: 11 a.m.

Difficulty level: easy

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Highest elevation: 1,473 m

Elevation gain: 50 m

Elevation loss: 100 m

Suggested minimum age: 10

The route is not dangerous and accessible even in snowy weather. Caution: check the snow conditions of the trail before leaving. Trekking boots and gaiters can also be rented.