SNOW SERVICE (hereafter referred to as the “Shop”) delivers to the RENTER (hereafter referred to as “Client”) the equipment mentioned in the Rental Agreement in good conditions and provided with appropriate safety devices.

The Client, on collecting the rented equipment and on underwriting the rental agreement, with the specific approval of the present general conditions, declares to have verified that the equipment is in good conditions and proper to the use agreed upon.



The Client must:

a) provide a valid ID, give correct information about their personal details, address, telephone number, age, weight, height and skiing ability.

b) use and store the rented equipment with utmost care and in compliance with the law.

c) make sure that, over all the rental period, the equipment is in good conditions for correct use. In the event one of the above-mentioned conditions should fail, the Client must promptly report to the Shop which will replace or repair the rented equipment.

d) on collecting the equipment, pay the total amount corresponding to the rental price plus the extra services as per the rental rates agreed upon in the rental agreement. (in case of prolonged rental or additional services, extra charges are to be paid as soon as possible)

e) return the equipment to the Shop at the time agreed;

f) on returning the equipment, check the conditions together with the Shop;

g) In case of inappropriate use, refund the Shop for the consequences of any damage caused to the rented equipment, including    the replacement of spare parts, repairs, and labour costs.




Upon request, the Client may subscribe to the “theft and damage agreement”.  It covers the whole amount in case of breakage or damage; 75% of the value in case of theft or loss.

The cost of theft and damage  agreement is expressed in % and, together with the value of the rented equipment, is posted on the dedicated notice board displayed in all the locations.

The agreement is only valid in the event that the total amount of the rented equipment has already been paid in full.

In the event that the Client requests the additional service of collecting the equipment at their accommodation, the theft and damage agreement is mandatory because the Shop is unable to check the conditions of the equipment with the Client.

In the event of theft, the Client must report the theft immediately to the competent Authority and give the Shop the original copy of the report within 24 hours.

In the event of theft, the Client will be charged an amount equal to the value of the stolen gear as shown on the notice board displayed in all the rental shops.

In the event the Client has underwritten the theft and damage agreement, 25% of the value of the stolen gear will be charged.

In any event, the cover is not valid if the theft has occurred in the hotel; the hotel insurance will see to it.

The payment for the rental is due until the original copy of the theft report is handed in.

If the rental period has not expired yet, the Shop will replace the gear with a similar one if available and only after the Client has paid the amount due as compensation. The replaced gear is not covered by the theft agreement.

In the event the stolen gear is later retrieved, the amount paid as compensation or deductible will be refunded unless any possible damage be ascertained.

In the event the original copy of the report is not handed in, the Client will no longer benefit from the theft and damage agreement.



Rental rates are calculated per day, meant as a solar day, expiring at 7.00 pm each day.
Winter equipment rented after 2.30 pm or summer equipment rented after 5.00 pm are meant for the following day.

The Client must return the rented equipment where (at one of the Shop locations or the hotel designated as pick up site) and within the date agreed on the rental agreement in conditions consistent with normal usage.

In the event the Client wants to extend the rental period, communication must be given to the Shop before due date and the balance is to be settled at the earliest convenience.

When the equipment is not retuned within the due date, the Shop may recover possession of the equipment in any possible way even against the will of the Client.

The rental amount is also due for the period exceeding the agreed terms.

In the event the rented gear has not been returned within 7 days after due date, the Shop will sue the Client to the competent authority.



The Client who returns the equipment before the agreed date will be refunded with a voucher for the period not enjoyed.

The voucher can be spent in any of the Shop locations to purchase goods or services.

The Client who has required the pickup service at their hotel and interrupts the rental before the agreed date, will have to personally return the rented equipment to the shop in order to receive the voucher.



Online booking cancellation communicated by email, at least 48 hours before the first rental day, entitles to the full refund of the total amount on credit card.

In the event the cancellation is communicated at a later time than indicated, the Client is entitled to the full refund of the amount with a voucher.



Throughout the rental period, the Client can always ask to have the rented equipment exchanged or replaced.

In the event the equipment is replaced with analogous items, the first change is free; subsequent changes will be charged a 5 Euro change fee.

In the event the equipment is replaced with items with different characteristics, the Client will be charged the price difference for higher quality items or refunded (voucher) for lower quality items.



In the event the rented equipment are skis, the Shop adjusts the bindings in compliance with ISO regulations according to the information provided by the Client: weight, height, age, skiing ability, boot length.

Binding adjustment is individually determined by the criteria mentioned above.

N.B. Referring to mountaineering ski binding adjustment, we inform that the Dynaft system does not comply with  ISO standards.



The Client who, on subscribing to the rental agreement, presents a voucher or any other credit document as form of payment, must in any case pay any amount due for the rental.



This Rental Agreement is subject to the Italian law. Any dispute arising out of this Agreement and its validity, interpretation, implementation or dissolution shall be subject to the Court of Jurisdiction of Belluno.

The Shop, in the event of arrears, has the right to deny any rental service the Client may ask in the future.