Ski touring to rifugio Mietres

Easy and fun evening ski touring up to Rifugio Mietres.

Enjoy a delicious, typical dinner at the Rifugio, before an exciting descent under the moonlight or with the headlamp.


Suggested departure time: 7.00 pm.

Grade: 3/10

Elevation gain: 400 m

Elevation loss: 400 m

Length: 3 km

Estimated Time: 50 minutes uphill with touring skis; 10 minutes downhill


The starting point is from Guargné parking area, 1 km from Cortina center, easily reachable by car.

Wear your ski boots, your headlamp, put the skins under your touring skis and start the easy ascent up the ski run towards Rifugio Mietres. Unfortunately, the ski run has fallen into disuse.

After a 20-minute climb you reach Col Tondo, top station of the old chairlift.

Continue walking uphill along the track, carefully prepared by the owner of Rifugio Mietres, which alternates rather steep sections with easier ones. After 30 minutes you get to

the last steep stretch leading to the Rifugio, located at 1710 m a.s.l.

Take off your skis and remove the skins. Once inside the Rifugio, you’d better change your wet under layer to avoid getting cold.

Dinner reservation is required. Book at +39 0436 3245.

The Rifugio has a maximum seating capacity for 80 people.

After dinner, wear your skis and headlamp and start skiing down the track prepared by the Rifugio’s owner. Since the ski run is not homologated, every skier descends at their own risk.

The downhill ride is about 10 minutes and is not dangerous at all, but we recommend controlling your speed from the start.

A guide is not necessary, however, for your own safety, we suggest contacting an alpine guide

Touring skis, ski boots, and headlamp are available at the Snow Service rental shop at 206, Corso Italia (tel: +39 0436 868679)

The price for standard touring skis and ski boots is 36 Euros.

The headlamp costs 5 Euros.


Suggested outerwear:

Regular ski outfit + spare T-shirt to avoid remaining wet and getting cold during dinner.