skis & equipment storage

The most convenient storage for your equipment

This service is available at 12/c via Marconi, opposite Cortina’s bus station, only 300 metres from Faloria cable car station.

The cost is 3 Euros a day per person (skis and boots) for equipment rented at Snow Service, 5 Euros for other equipment.

The service provides lockers, where the equipment is stored, dried, and sanitized.

It is definitely the best solution to avoid the stress of loading and downloading skis and ski boots from the car, maybe with a frozen ski rack.

In the morning you can put on your dry and warm ski boots and then take the cable car or the ski-bus service.

The ski deposit is separated from the rental shop, has its own access, and does not require any assistance by our staff.

No wasting time waiting in line.

Get ready
the season is around the corner