telemark skis rental

in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Snow Service is the only shop in Cortina that offers Telemark skis and boots for rental

Telemark skiing, also known as the free heel skiing technique, is a precursor to alpine skiing disciplines, developed in Scandinavian countries.

While in earlier times, skiing was used only as a means of transport on flat snowclad surfaces, this technique made it possible to use the skis also downhill and carve the first turns.

Skis resemble alpine ones, while bindings are specially designed to free the heel and fix only the toe box to the ski. To execute a turn, skiers kneel down on the uphill ski and slide forward the downhill one.
Boots are also specially designed: their peculiar flexibility helps the move and their shape adheres to the binding.

Actually, nowadays, Telemark skiing is not very common and requires a good fitness level and fairly good technique.

We take pride in stating: “ at Snow Service you find everything you need for a mountain holiday”.

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If you love Telemark skiing or you wish to try this amazing discipline, the equipment we offer is, as always, top-of-the-line:

skis: Nordica Nrgy 80
boots: Garmont Syner G

What about enjoying a different day on the slopes with your friends? Come and see us in our shop on Corso Italia, where, together with the equipment we will give you some tips.

Cortina offers quite a few Telemark Instructors that can guide you through this new exciting experience.

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